a revolutionary journey in radical self and soul awareness so that we can better know, live, tell, and honor our own stories.

These stories are curative elixirs that can offer us personal and ancestral healing within. When we truly know ourselves and our stories, we begin to transform into the matriarchal elders that our vastly changing society needs and deserves. We are the bridge generations who will hold space for and support our living and future descendants at the end of an era we neither ushered forth nor will be able to rectify.

Retrieval is a 13 week self directed program that offers opportunities to go as deeply into the presented material as your personal interest and intuition dictates. Every two weeks, you will receive a new section of content. You also will be able to connect with others who are also on this journey.

I will serve as your guide and fellow traveler, offering insights into modalities in balancing the body, mind, and soul which will root us to the earth and raise us up into the divine. We hold both in equilibrium. That is the revolution. 

Hey Y'all!

I’m Sonia Fernandez LeBlanc

I’m a Storyteller. A Writer. A Self Directed Learning Advocate. A Community Builder. A Systems Disruptor/Re-Creator with a penchant for the mystical. I dabble in photography, ancestry, and tarot… I am an avid reader, podcast aficionado, and a life long learner. I’m a devoted mama to my two human loves, a trio of fur loves, and a jungle of plant loves. I am a pretty impressive spouse to the coolest human I know, I damn good friend from what I have been told by those who call me so, and I throw one hell of a dinner party!