The Moon Cycle

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  1. Working with the Moon video
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Find out the phase of the moon you were born under and some interesting information about yourself based on the moon:

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The Moon Principle Phases and Intermediate Phases

The New Moon

  • Corresponds with the winter solstice.
  • A principle phase, characterized by the Moon being invisible due to her close conjunction with the Sun.

New Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • The void, reset, beginnings, planting seeds, cultivating, mindset work, beginner’s mind, sacred pause, hope, regeneration, intention setting, 

Waxing Crescent Moon

  • An intermediate phase, this Moon phase is characterized by the first time the Moon is visible in the West at sunset.

Waxing Crescent Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • What brings you to light, growing career, growing a passion project, the long game work, goal setting, clarity, recharging, building up inner power, clearing negative energy

First Quarter Moon

  • Corresponds with the Spring Equinox
  • A principle phase, here the Moon is half-full while still increasing in light.

First Quarter Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • Balance, refocusing & rededication, expression, new behaviors, action, building, external, pedal to the medal, announcements, networking, growth, growing energy/emotions, boundaries, and protection.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

  • An intermediate phase, the Moon is more than half-full while still increasing in light.

Waxing Gibbous Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • Abundance, growth, prosperity, expansion, action, focus on tangible manifestation

Full Moon

  • Corresponds with the Summer Solstice 
  • A principle phase, this is characterized by the Moon's face being completely veiled in light. She is considered at her most powerful at this stage, but begins to lose light.

Full Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • Harvest, culmination, celebration, fulfillment, consciousness and subconscious, unveiling, big magic, wholeness, psychic visions, crest of a wave, magic, embodiment, manifestation of just about anything, abundance, ancestor work, everything all at once, emotions, downloads, exhaustion.

Waning Gibbous/Disseminating Moon

  • An intermediate phase, here the Moon has past her peak and is losing her light, but has not yet lost a whole half of it.

Waning Gibbous Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • Reflection, recalibration, realizations

Third Quarter Moon

  • Corresponds with the autumn equinox.
  • A principle phase marked by the Moon being half-full and losing light.

Third Quarter Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • Reorientation, balance, clearing, letting go, low energy, weeding, decluttering, forgiveness work, shadow work, release, subconscious work and reprogramming, inner parenting work, ancestry/personal history work and release, concentrated interior work, cord cutting, boundary and protection work

Waning/Balsamic/Dark Moon

  • An intermediate phase where the Moon has nearly lost all of her light and appears as a slim crescent before becoming invisible.

Waning/Balsamic/Dark Moon themes, focus, and possibilities

  • Radical rest, quiet, turning within, slowing down, self care practices, rage/anger work, banishing, mystery, a time of potential deep transformation, going down into the underworld, deep subconscious work such a hypnotism, guided meditations, psychic work, cord cutting